„Вызов” (The Challenge)—Teaser Trailer

Filming (or, more precisely, videography) of the 30 to 40 minutes of the feature film „Вызов” (literal translation: “Doctor's House Call”) is presently underway on the International Space Station.


I have previously reviewed (Ratburger) and written approvingly of Russian video productions - mainly made for TV series depicting historical figures like Sophia Paleologina, Rasputin, Godunov, Trotsky and others. Many are available free for Prime members on Amazon video. If this is true to form, we can expect a top-notch, sophisticated production as good as anything Hollywood can produce, minus the foul language and gratuitous sex. Whatever else today’s Russians may be, they make some good and sophisticated movies. For comparison sake with the West, I like to point out that financial support for the aforementioned films came not only from the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture, but also from the Ministry of Defense. Imagine that - defending one’s history understood as part of defending one’s nation! Such repression!