The Chieftain: Modern US Vehicle Procurement, w/ MG Dean & BG Norman

The Chieftain, LCol Nicholas Moran (TX National Guard), interviews a couple of Generals in the US Army vehicle procurement system. Not the most exciting video but they are articulate. If you are wondering what kind of person works in procurement and how they think, here they are.

Ideally this kind of video would be done by a civilian who isn’t obliged to be deferential, but in that case it probably wouldn’t have happened at all.

Even if you aren’t interested in this, he has lots of other interesting videos on armored fighting vehicles, particularly 1946 and earlier on his channel as part of his job at Wargaming, makers of World of Tanks.


Interesting process. It is still MY impression this bunch does not look for the “break-through” idea. I did not quite listen to all of it, but my firm sense was that they thought about how to use current vehicles better, not how to create a wholly new class of fighting vehicle. So, eg., there is no mention of powered exoskeletons. That may be for operational reasons, but in my mind, it is where the next great leap forward will occur. When you put an infantryman in a powered suit, he will run faster, carry more without personal skeletal damage, AND probably have better aiming, life-defending, and weapon-based platforms from which to fight. THEN maybe tanks really WILL be obsolete.

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