The Electric Viking on ease of doing business in China (at least for Chinese companies)

At a battery pack size of about 65kWh, the factory’s 100GWh per year capacity can satisfy 1.5 million cars per year.


The gentleman makes an excellent point – We in the West are not ready for what is about to come from China.

It is not just Chinese automobile companies, which are building state-of-the-art factories and turning out high quality vehicles. There is also the situation that companies like VW and GM are building more cars in China than in their home countries. Over time, they will become functionally Chinese companies.

Some years ago, there was a report of a new US battery company which started building factories in both the US and China simultaneously. The plant in China was producing product in 9 months. It took the factory in Michigan 27 months.

Over-regulation is going to condemn the West to poverty. Lawyers & politicians will be the end of us!