The Hacker's Diet Online Source Code Repository Now on GitHub

The Hacker’s Diet Online is the Web-based application companion to my diet book, The Hacker’s Diet. It allows users from any modern Web browser or Web-enabled mobile device to maintain weight and exercise logs, produce custom charts, analyse trends, plan diets, and import and export data to spreadsheets, databases, or other applications.

The Hacker’s Diet Online was launched in August 2007, and now has more than 33,000 user accounts on the Fourmilab server. The software is written in Perl, with browser support code in JavaScript, and is written in the Literate Programming methodology with source code both available for downloading and readable as a Literate Programming “book of the program” [PDF, 610 pages] with all code and embedded documentation.

To provide easier access to the code, visible version control, and to permit those who work with it independently to keep track of changes and submit contributions to the project, the complete source code is now available as a repository on GitHub. This repository contains everything you need to set up your own server with all of the capabilities of the one at Fourmilab, and can serve as a “code mine” for developing similar Web applications.