The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

The book was preceded by a paper commissioned by The Atlantic and written by Mearsheimer and Walt. The Atlantic rejected the paper, and it was published in London Review of Books.​[11] The paper attracted considerable controversy, both praise​[12]​[13]​[14]​[15]​[16] and criticism.​[17]​[18]

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security advisor to U.S. President Jimmy Carter, wrote: “Mearsheimer and Walt adduce a great deal of factual evidence that over the years Israel has been the beneficiary of privileged — indeed, highly preferential — financial assistance, out of all proportion to what the United States extends to any other country. The massive aid to Israel is in effect a huge entitlement that enriches the relatively prosperous Israelis at the cost of the American taxpayer. Money being fungible, that aid also pays for the very settlements that America opposes and that impede the peace process.”[32]

Glenn Greenwald has endorsed the book’s central thesis, arguing “Walt and Mearsheimer merely voiced a truth which has long been known and obvious but was not allowed to be spoken. That’s precisely why the demonization campaign against them was so vicious and concerted: those who voice prohibited truths are always more hated than those who spout obvious lies.”[35]

Some background on some of these Putin money gutter dwellers: