The Secret Life of Components—Prototypes

Master maker, cartoonist, author, and artist Tim Hunkin spent his pandemic downtime producing a series, “The Secret Life of Components”, to introduce designers and builders to the bits and pieces he uses in his fanciful machines.

While more and more design is done on computers, when it’s time to actually make something work in the real world, where components never behave in an ideal manner and pesky humans often figure out ways to break things you never imagined, nothing beats putting together a quick and dirty prototype before building the real thing. In this episode, Tim Hunkin covers everything from cardboard and tape to 3D printing as ways of making prototypes.

Don’t be afraid of an MIG welder, “I like to think of it just as a glue gun for steel.”

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I love my wire welder. It is absurdly easy to use compared to stick welding.