The U.S. Coast Guard's Amazing Jet Boats

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Response Boat – Medium (RB-M) is the workhorse utility boat of the service, performing search and rescue missions as well as other duties near the coast. It uses a computer-controlled water jet propulsion system that allows it to cruise at 30 knots (56 km/h), dash at up to 42.5 knots (78.7 km/h), stop in around a boat length and a half, reverse, spin around its axis, and translate sideways. The lack of propellers make it safe to operate in proximity to survivors in the water.

The boats were designed by Camarc Design in the U.K. and manufactured in the U.S. under license. A total of 174 have been built. The jet drive is powered by dual 825 horsepower (615 kW) diesel engines. For less-than-cooperative mariners encountered on the sea, each boat mounts two M240B belt-fed machine guns.

Yes, there’s an idiot apostrophe in the video’s title card.


The cited article needs updating. One area to address is capitalization and the idiot trend to capitalize any word the writer thinks important.


Well, that article is about apostrophes, not capitalisation. There is Plenty of Material available to write Additional SCREEDS about the HORRORS of capital punishment in text, not to mention the spread of the CamelCase pandemic into a Permanent Global Affliction.

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I was inspired by the subheading “International Write Like a Moron Day”.

CamelCase is highly useful for trademark purposes as noted in the Wikipedia article.


Every time I debate the use of an apostrophe, my hands now start to shake. I am thinking I might qualify as part of the underserved grammar class.


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Is it tougher to build a boat than to punctuate a sentence? I am not going to take a position on that – Much might be said on each side, to quote a Dead White Male. But the Jet Boat really was impressive!

The UK Royal National Lifeboat Institution (which once was wonderful, but has now gone woke like everything else in that part of the world) has lifeboats (rescue craft) which are self-righting in the event they get capsized in the bad weather off the coasts of England. Since the Coast Guard boat was designed in the UK, I wondered if these vessels are also self-righting? Notice the very secure way in which the hatches are battened down, presumably to prevent water ingress.

As the gentleman who made the video noted, perhaps the most impressive thing about the boat was the 20-year olds manning it. Good guys! There still is hope for our society.


I like CamelCase.

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