The Way The Cookie Crumbleys

Does anybody think that if the parents of Ethan Crumbley had been Democrats, Leftists, Biden voters, had one o’ they “Hate has no home here” and/or “We Believe” signs in their yard—
that they ever woulda been criminally charged?

I do not think so, moi. I think they would have been on CNN this morning, lamenting the fact that, despite their own irreproachable political correctness, their young son, that tender youth! was corrupted, led astray, by the awful situation that people are still allowed, in this country, to actually express proSecond Amendment AND even proTrump opinions! If this could happen in such a wonderful, woke family, it can happen in YOURS! Ma Crumbley and the news anchor would both have been photogenically crying. Thoughts and prayers!

No, they’re in custody now because Ma posted on Facebook an open letter to Trump, thanking him for protecting her right to bear arms and signing it as someone who would rather be grabbed by the pussy than f—ed up the a—… And Pa retweeted it!
(Editorial aside: You GO, girl!)

I don’t blame them for running, either. Except: do they think Canada—Canada!— wouldnt have extradited them instanter, courtesy of Prime Minister Blackface? They shoulda headed South.

There is a tort of “negligent entrustment” relating to motor vehicles. Unless I hear that li’l Ethan in effect said to his parents, “Get me a gun, wouldja, I’m’na shoot up my school” I would opine that the parents’ behavior should result in ,at most, civil liability under an analogous theory.

But since they are manifestly guilty of thought crime, obviously they have to be removed from society.

If I were Kyle Rittenhouse’s mom, I’d be a tad nervous this morning…


Yep. This is the new iteration of “the rule of law”.


I’d say that no matter what is claimed, what we have is chaos. It’s not Rule of anything.