This is what VoxDay gets for not responding to me

VoxDay: Boomers bad.
Me: OK why?
VoxDay: Their sons have a hard time forming families.
Me: OK, how about proposing what I did back in 1992 replace the welfare state with a citizen’s dividend funded by replacing the 16th Amendment with net asset tax?
Me: Hello? VoxDay?
VoxDay: Boomers broke the political system.
Me: OK, we can agree the political system is broken. For example, have you noticed that NONE of the Presidential candidates (let alone Presidents) were born in the 1950s when the vast majority of Boomers were – and the only one born after 1949 was not representative of the Boomer demography?
VoxDay: OK, Boomer.
Me: Hello? VoxDay?
VoxDay: Abortion is bad.
Me: Uh, yeah, like I said in my 1992 reform proposal:
“We are now seeing an increasing social burden from 60 million people born in the 1950’s no longer willing and able to exert themselves, during their peak years of productivity, for what they see as a life-long Ponzi scheme which continually dangles the American Dream before their eyes and never delivers. Many have postponed childbearing and nesting too long. Millions of potential families, not to mention tens of millions of children aborted for financial reasons, have been lost to our society forever.”
VoxDay: Boomers aborted fetuses because they were morally bankrupt spoiled brats.
Me: Yeah and so are their children.
VoxDay: Yeah because boomers were bad parents.
Me: Sort of like The Greatest Generation that raised the Boomers.
VoxDay: Because they didn’t know any better.
Me: Yeah, neither did the Boomers.
VoxDay: OK, Boomer.
Me: OK, but how are you going to fix the broken political system?
VoxDay: Boomers broke it.
Me: But how are YOU going to fix it?
Me: VoxDay? Hello? Do you give even a rats ass about abortion or not?
VoxDay: More than you, Boomer-apologist.
Me: Uh, well, at least I proposed a law to shift taxes off family formation and take money from the welfare state. What did you propose?
Me: OK, I can understand that it’s futile to propose any reforms of the current system and that includes reforms of the broken political system. So, here’s a meta-proposal: Run people for Congress as GOP or Dem that make one and only one campaign promise: “I will refer all political negotiations to my home district and vote only the way the of my home district tells me to vote on any motion whether in committee or on the floor.”?
VoxDay: And I suppose women get to vote which is why the country has gone to Hell.
Me: Hey, if you want to deal with that, why not just start a local currency based on my proposal that removes voting power from Boomers and women while putting all asset taxes in the hands of military aged men and men only?
Me: VoxDay? Hell… oh… you’re net worth is in the top 1%. The CCP must love a “Christian” doing their dirty work for them and perpetuating the meat-grinder of young families including their fetuses.


Even if you fixed all the Dominion voting machine holes and even if you made elections totally auditable with paper trails and everyone believed the counts were real, it wouldn’t matter as evidenced by immigration policy for 50 years. is the only way a voting system can matter in the final analysis which is that you don’t have a civilization if women have the vote because women don’t understand instinctively, as do men, that civilization is founded on collectivization of territorial violence so that young men don’t just kill all the men in positions of authority. Men like those responsible for the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and the rest of the betrayal of the American people’s preference for immigration restriction.