Three-Dimensional Modeling and Animation in the Browser

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Three.js is an open source library that allows building three-dimensional models and animations that run directly with a Web browser that supports WebGL—no plug-ins or other software is required. Click the image above to display a page showing live examples you can plan that demonstrate the package’s capabilities.

To learn more, go to the three.js home page or the documentation hub. Here is a 43 minute tutorial on creating a model using three.js that you can follow along, or you can just jump directly into the Editor and start building. Within the editor, the Examples menu will load several ready-to-go models to try out.


I feel touched and mystified and almost honored that one of John’s last posts is about Three.js.

I have been a Three.js supporter since 2010 - the year Ricardo Cabello launched it. I created the following post on the WebGL Google Group on 27 April 2011:

Guidelines on Choosing a WebGL Framework - Using Three.js as an Example (

BTW, I founded the first AutoCAD dealership in Asia in 1984. So, I guess I’ve been very lucky in finding “good horses to ride”.

Thank you, John