Top Gun Maverick partially reverse engineered via FOIA

Ward Carroll uses the Navy contract with the production company to reverse engineer Top Gun Maverick:


New trailer:

Note the 5th gen. fighter (Su-57?) at 2:08:

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Ward Carroll notices/hypothesizes that:

  1. they are in an F-14 stolen from not-Iran;
  2. Rooster was shot down by the not-Iranians and Maverick went into rescue him;
  3. Rooster is in the back seat and Maverick is flying;
  4. that is a not-Iran Su-57;
  5. Maverick will repeat his nose-up maneuver from the first film
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CW Lemoine agrees:

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More on the F-14 v. Su-57 dogfight from Ward Carroll (first story in the 70-minute video):


CW Lemoine’s take on the FOIA’d contract:

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REALLY interesting video on Ukraine.