Top Gun Maverick partially reverse engineered via FOIA

Ward Carroll uses the Navy contract with the production company to reverse engineer Top Gun Maverick:


New trailer:

Note the 5th gen. fighter (Su-57?) at 2:08:

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Ward Carroll notices/hypothesizes that:

  1. they are in an F-14 stolen from not-Iran;
  2. Rooster was shot down by the not-Iranians and Maverick went into rescue him;
  3. Rooster is in the back seat and Maverick is flying;
  4. that is a not-Iran Su-57;
  5. Maverick will repeat his nose-up maneuver from the first film
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CW Lemoine agrees:

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More on the F-14 v. Su-57 dogfight from Ward Carroll (first story in the 70-minute video):


CW Lemoine’s take on the FOIA’d contract:

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REALLY interesting video on Ukraine.

Carroll’s and Lemoine’s reviews:

Saw the movie. Was very good.

Special effects were extremely good.

Hokey dialog. Overwhelming re-use of dialog from the first film had a mixed result.


Thanks for the honest review. I kind of suspected as much, based upon the hokey trailer from one of the “stars” on an evening show. Seems Hollywrinkle just doesn’t have any real talent, at least in the writing sphere, anymore. All of it is now “technical”.

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Enter the plaintiffs’ bar:

Complaint (one of plaintiff’s attorneys is former 9th Circuit Chief Judge Kozinski):

Laughable chart of similarities:



Contains discussion of scenes deleted from Top Gun: Maverick:

Will we see an extended cut?


Of course! Hollywood never gives up on a money-maker - until it totally dies.


Promo shows the somewhat hokey Dark Star:

Makes Cruise look giant.


Hmm. Some aspects of it kind of look like a B-2. Or that hokey plane with the broad flying off a carrier.

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Top Gun Maverick was so obsessed with using real F-18 footage that they apparently just kept re-using footage of a loadout including two bombs.

That makes no sense for Hangman’s Alert-5.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson took to Twitter bring the authoritative voice of The Science to the opening of Top Gun: Maverick.


A few hours later, ToughSF rolled onto his six and called out “Fox One”.


Swatted like a worm, indeed. Eject! Eject! Eject!


The authoritative live of science may want to stick to formats such as the boobtube that don’t allow feedback.

Edit: or Twitter needs to ban people that respond.


Enter the Defense Bar:

Your honor, what we have here is a case of the heirs wishing they had capitalized MORE the first time around. Their quest to enrich themselves should be denied and this case dismissed with prejudice.

(Always ask for “with prejudice” or they will amend their complaint and your client will be right back in the same seat a year later.)


Further to Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Top Gun: Maverick, here is Scott Manley’s take on the Mach 10 bail-out.

It isn’t the sudden stop that’s unrealistic, but the hairpin turn before things go pear-shaped.