Total Lunar Eclipse 2022-11-08

I’ve been hearing something about a “Red Wave” in the U.S. Dunno, but on November 8th, 2022, there will be a gorgeous red Moon visible from most of North America as the Moon traverses Earth’s shadow in an eclipse with totality lasting 01:24:58. As shown on the chart from Fred Espenak of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, this eclipse will be neither central nor marginal, and thus is expected to be in the middle of the brightness range. The Moon’s northern limb may be expected to be brighter than the South, which passes through the centre of the umbral shadow. The chart at the bottom shows global visibility—Europe and Africa are going to miss this one.


Saw it this morning from 35N/80.6W at 11Z. Faint red orange emerging from Totality.

Always cool.

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Here is a time lapse of the eclipse made from Colorado in the United States. Unlike many such presentation, this one correctly aligns the images and presents them in a natural colour rendition.