Trigger Treat—The SwissMiniGun

The SwissMiniGun is a fully functional double-action revolver. Its total length is 5.5 cm and it weighs 19.8 grams. It fires 2.34 calibre rimfire ammunition with a bullet weight of 0.128 g at a velocity of 121.8 metres per second for a muzzle energy of 0.97 joules, which is about one tenth the energy of many BB guns. The guns are made to order at a price of CHF 6300 (plus VAT if delivered within Switzerland), which is about 6880 BidenBucks, except the gun cannot be imported into SafetyLand, being adjudged too dangerous for its inhabitants. Ammunition is CHF 10 per live cartridge and a mere CHF 8 for blanks.

More information is available at the SwissMiniGun Web site, if you can manage to get there. Their security certificate was issued under a different domain name and most browsers will pop up a scary security warning when you click on the link or, depending on your security settings, completely refuse to let you go to the site. You’ll have to click through the warnings to get there. Firefox, with the default settings, will show the site after you accept the bungled certificate.

The SwissMiniGun should not be confused with the M134 Minigun designed in 1960 by General Electric, whose slogan was “We bring good things to life”.