Trump can't secure $454 million appeal bond in New York fraud case, his...

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I read this too. Terrified.
What if he files for bankruptcy , chapter 11– could the court let him file appeal In Forma Pauperis?
Somebody has got to step in and end this insanity.


The problem is the amount is so large and he can’t use real estate as collateral. As one insurance executive said the amount is unprecedented for an individual.

I don’t think he will declare bankruptcy because that’s another cluster fudge. And he doesn’t have to.

Attorney general James has said she will try to seize his assets but that action is also unprecedented and drastic like everything else about this stupid case.

Trump may have to liquidate some or all of his New York properties.

Executive 63-12 in the past has been used to seek disgorgement after a person has been found guilty of fraud in a criminal court. Letitia James skipped a step and the judge allowed it.

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