Trump, please explain 2020!

I’m looking at your list, and only ‘forced injection’ would potentially qualify for ‘tyranical’ defined as ‘exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way’. Reality is that vaccines were not mandatory in most cases. I have no idea what you mean by ‘experiments substance’ (sic). There’s a certain level of discourse expected on this site.


You are absolutely correct about the tyranny. It was Cloward-Piven! An attempt to force us ALL onto government dependence.
WERE we free not to get the jab? Doncha remember Ol’Joke: “We have been patient [with the unvaccinated] but our patience is wearing thin.”
CTFO, it wa a police state, and it locked into place in DAYS.
I reckon you could say, as @eggspurt seems to be pointing out, that it was a social,rather than governmental tyranny? Maybe in some places, but what I learned bout Pa law is that it’s some specie of crime to disobey any directive of the Dep’t of Health. So if you committed some perfectly legal act, like opening your beauty salon, but the Dept had said stay closed—you are a criminal. Then the state could take your business license. Then you are again a criminal if you dare to practice the trade you were trained and certified in. No, “Covid tyranny” is absolutely the mot juste.


There should be little debate about the negative effects of the Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J considering the significant magnitude of the signal reflected in VAERS data during 2021 and 2022.

As a historical reference, I recommend reading up on the magnitude of the adverse effects recorded with Pandemrix in the 2009 flu vaccination campaign and prior to that, in 1976-1977, with Guillan Barre syndrome. An illuminating point of view would be to look up the literature published before 2019. Far smaller magnitude adverse effects prompted stopping the immunization campaigns in those examples. So what was different in 2021? Good question :wink:

What one would need to believe to be true for “safe and effective” to hold is that somehow mRNA technology magically made up for all the short comings that had previously been identified to vaccines for corona viruses. Why magically? Because up to the point of the 2020 election, conventional wisdom among professionals in that field was that vaccine development and deployment would take 5-7 years. And that was an accelerated schedule.

I, for one, recall listening intently to Peter Hotez interviewed by Peter Attia in March 2020 (source). Hotez had been previously working on coronavirus vaccines, targeting primarily animals. He very cogently described the challenges in front of both rapid vaccine deployment (how to compress the schedule), and more importantly, how to avoid immune enhancement.

Technical challenges associated with vaccine developments

  • Vaccines are the highest bar there is in terms of testing because it involves immunizing healthy individuals
  • Makes it difficult to compress timelines
  • Development and trial process can last 2-3 years
  1. Phase 1 for safety
  2. Phase 2 expanded to demonstrate safety and some efficacy
  3. Phase 3 for safety and efficacy in natural disease conditions
  • Process should not be rushed
  • With respect to Coronavirus vaccines – there is a risk of immune enhancement – where vaccine could actually make things worse (seen in lab animals)
  • Similar to 1960’s Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine – inactivated vaccine in which vaccine recipients did worse, with more hospitalizations

Vaccination promise with spike protein receptors

  • One study identified a target for vaccine and therapeutic development
  • From which an NIH grant was submitted based on the identification of a highly promising lead candidate vaccine antigen, the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the SARS-CoV spike (S) protein

Figure 6. SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins are similar to SARS-CoV proteins (pictured). Image credit (Du and Jiang, 2009)

  • SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 have about 80% similarity in terms of genetic code bound to the same receptor such that vaccine development approval for SARS-CoV-1 could also apply to SARS-CoV-2

Hotez and his colleagues have NIH funding but no investment…

  • The vaccine could be repurposed but the team require prospective donors in order to move it to clinical trials
  • Funding is often a problem when creating vaccines for neglected diseases
  • For funding support please email Peter directly:

Lo and behold, the mRNA vaccine shows up with truly dodgy studies and we - society at large - decide that tried and true measures of effectiveness like NNT (number needed to treat) no longer mean anything. And then later we discover that the Pfizer studies were truly dodgy, with quite a bit of data picking and cohort selection to meet a particular desired outcome.

Our political and opinion leaders were quite happy to abdicate decision making to medical bureaucrats. Should it be a surprise we got the outcome of multi-year lockdowns and plays on words redefining simple terms for political purposes?

And that even when you put your thumb firmly on the scale in favor of “safe and effective” it turns out that it’s not effective to prevent transmission or reinfection, and judging even by only the magnitude of the VAERS signal, it’s not safe on the level of previously accepted vaccination campaigns.

Psychologically, the whole things played quite a number on all of us. Those who chose not to welcome the “vaccine” sacrament in their hearts were torn with guilt about possibly subjecting their loved ones to terrible pain and suffering. And those who accepted it and woke up later on to realize they’ve been had (or worse), had gone through a one way door, with no possibility of honestly understanding what were the additional risks that could materialize.

Should not be shocking to any of us that even today, in the fifth year of the COVID-19, most people are torn in their assessment of their own previous decisions.

Where was the famed so-called “fourth estate”? Where were the Woodward and Bernsteins of the COVID era? With a few exceptions, not immune to human nature’s foibles, very few and far between. Can we have an honest discussion of the thousands of athletes suddenly dropping dead orders of magnitude more frequently than BCV (Before COVID Vaccines)? Can we honestly debate and discuss the reasons of sustained increases in mortality that on average contradict the pull left effect of most epidemics that are particularly dangerous to older adults? Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and reconcile the steep decrease in elementary and middle school achievement associated with school lockdowns? Exactly…



Tyranny starts when people can’t exclude anyone they want to for any reason whatsoever from the land on which they want to raise their children. This starts by buying off land owners who pay no land value tax and then get to have some young men throw other young men into prison while the world goes to hell because there are no children. Otherwise, they could form gated communities to protect the children that they would otherwise have with young women.

The land owners had better own up to their part in this because time is running short and they will NOT be able to rely on “The Fine Young Men Looking For A Better Life” aka forward deployed Cartel boots on the ground, to protect them when judgement day comes. Their preachers will preach “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and some “conservative” or other will preach “non aggression axiom and life liberty and property” and they’ll, in so doing, laser designate themselves for elimination.


Well, @jabowery , as is not unprecedented I’m not sure exactly what you mean or how it relates to the topic, but I have been looking all day for a chance to applaud my own perspicacity about land ownership, so I’ll see your comment and raise ya one:

I’ve been writing and thinking about the deliberate elimination of property rights in land in our country. I wrote 2 articles for The Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, one about whether deed-restricted communities could save single family zoning, (“Deed Men Walkin’ “) and most recently one on the short-term rental ,phenomenon. (“Selling Short”)
I predicted that soon, our governments at various levels would begin mandating that we house illegal immigrants in our homes. I mused that anyone advertising an Airbnb had better pull the ad, because those owners will be the first ones ordered to be foster homes for the invaders.
But I had it backwards! These aliens are more enterprising than I realized: suddenly, it’s all about “squatting”: they aren’t waiting for our feckless governmental officials to take our property and our privacy: they’re doing it on their own initiative!
America is being re-colonized. Be absent from your home for a few days, and you may find your key doesn’t work. And “non-governmental” organizations are standing by to make sure that you the legal owner will now be the homeless one, for months or even years.
So, I didn’t foresee the exact mechanism by which we’d lose Americans’ traditional right to be secure in their houses—
But I did see that it would happen, and soon.
My fellow Americans: I told you so.


The evolution of virulence in whatever form of pathogen, human or microbe, demands entry to the uninfected because it can’t sleep in the bed its made for itself.

So border control is evolutionary medicine. That’s why for 50 years more than a supermajority of the American people have objected to the manifest policy of immigration imposed on them by the US government. It has been run by virulent pathogens that long.

No one should be in the least surprised that these human pathogens have been found incompetent to deal with microbial pathogens and, more to the point, they can’t even see that they are so incapable. All they can see is The Enemy in the form of those who want to do what Princeton University was able to do in the Spanish Flu pandemic.

“The Federalists” have, ever since Shays’s Rebellion, taken it upon themselves to ensure themselves of “property” regardless of the human toll to the very flesh blood and bone they rely upon to ensure their artificial property rights. “Borders for me but not for thee because I’ve got my no trespassing sign up enforced by the young men I’m threatening with prisoner rape.”

Women can’t see this. They rightfully expect men to deal with these realities and they expect it without even realizing they expect it. They NEED us to deal with it. And we will. Believe it.


Whaddya mean “women can’t see this”? I’m a woman, this is my post and my comment.
But yes, please, gents: do deal with this issue! Now! Go do that voodoo that you do so well!


The interesting thing about this “voodoo” is what might be called “depth evolutionary psychology” that is almost completely denied by even the likes of E. O. Wilson, Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, let alone pikers like Marx/Engels/Freud and their psychobabble interpolations. Jung? Although “depth psychology” was kind of his thang, his immersion in civilization blinded him to the structure that lies beneath its foundation in the flesh blood and bone of the men who must, ultimately, lay down that foundation in what we call “laying down the law”. Frank Herbert only touches on this in the line:


Great movie! My BMD hasn’t read the books, and found the new Dune 2 pretty incomprehensible, so we watched this one. When it first came out I remember thinking it was ludicrous how much the story was compressed, but at least the story is all there, and you can follow it. We even get to see Alia (“The Abomination”) in action as a toddler! (And the compression wasn’t Lynch’s fault; he wanted to make it a two-part movie, then he wanted to make it 4 hrs, but the studio said no to both).

To (what I think is) your point, though: yes, Paul, as the Kwisatz Haderach, has powers even greater than that of the Bene Gesserit Mother Superior. But, Jessica can use The Voice too. And it was the all-female BGs who developed the technique.

Reading your comment again, I think maybe you’re sayng that male authority and male dominance are hard-wired into our species?
If so,I agree.
Therefore, as I said: yes, please: rescue us, guys!
(Well? We’re waiting……)
(I don’t want to, but I can’t help thinking of “A Doll’s House” , where the heroine has absolute faith that her husband will save her household from ruin, and is roughly disabused of her credo.)


“The Data Must Flow”

Now, re-interpret Paul’s statement “You have some idea of what I could do.”

Now, imagine John standing in the place of Paul.

I’m not saying John’s death was a manifestation of The Guild or the Sisterhood’s Dark Arts, but I’ve come to a greater appreciation of both John and Lynch’s rendering of Dune in the wake of John’s death.

There is a degree to which what we think of as “autists” are immune to what I believe Herbert was alluding to with “The Voice”. When masculinity is suppressed by a Triune deadly embrace between “The Emperor”, “The Guild” and “The Sisterhood”, it should come as no surprise that masculinity increasingly expresses further out on “the spectrum” until there is a total lack of response to inflation of the individual female principle manifest in all kinds of ways, such as her sacred power to select the man who will sire her children hence direct creation in that manner via the genes make it into the next generation and “social cues” like “The Voice”.

The vacuum (ie: deflation) of masculinity (most obviously manifest across sexual species in his individual power to deselect which males will be available in her environment) by its Triune suppression, is, quite naturally, abhorred by Nature. Into that vacuum comes the inflation of the female principle. However, let’s not lose sight of the inflation of The Emperor and The Guild. An individual of integrity is disintegrated into “too many moving parts” of his Triune nervous system – out of communication with one another in a Hobbsian Leviathan.

Now, with all that in mind, imagine a “depth evolutionary psychologist” or what Herbert called a “Chaplin Psychiatrist” in his “Destination Void” series, who is treating a young woman who is exhibiting the “Will Take Rapists Over Racists” symptoms of her Jungian Shadow inflating into the void of masculinity. He asks her to do the following visualization:

"You are in a jury. Ian, a young white man, stands accused of murder of an immigrant of color, Mustafa, that Biden had flown into his small midwestern town. Ian had been courting Mary, the homecoming queen of Ian’s graduating HS class. Mustafa began dating Mary. Ian was seen tellilng Mustafa to stay away from Mary. Mustafa refused. Mary called Ian a ‘racist’. Ian, a skilled hunter, challenged Mustafa to a mutual hunt in a nearby public land with one at most emerging alive.
Mustafa laughed and Mary called the authorities to warn them that Ian was engaging in ‘hate speech’ against Mustafa. Mustafa was found dead a few days later – his throat slit. Ian was unable to account for his whereabouts on one of the evenings that Mustafa was missing.

How do you vote? Innocent or Guilty?"

Ian’s challenge and killing of Mustafa is “The Voice Of Masculinity” that, if a woman tries to challenge it with her “Voice”, will find herself in the same position as Mustafa.

In that respect, revisit Herbert’s use of duel. Indeed, revisit Heinlein’s pre-WW II use of duel in his earliest novels.


Not just because of that…it was also the very first human vaccine for a coronavirus (about 20% of “colds” are cause by coronaviruses).


I have to disagree…the facts do not support this assertion. All of the problems with developing a (convential) coronavirus vaccine were well known for *decades* in addition to the fundamental problems with mRNA gene therapy technology (which were also very well known almost from its inception in the 80’s…ask yourself why gene therapy never became a “thing”). While not reported on in the mainstream media, anyone who cared to know more could have easily found out by going to altenative sources. There were a lot of doctors and scientists who spoke out about their concerns at the time, but they were actively suppressed and ridiculed by “our” government. I could maybe buy the argument of people being “mind controlled” (see video below about “our” government’s research)…at the very least there was a massive propaganda campaign.


Here is just one example of “our” benovelant govenment at work (it seems that back in the day the mainstream media were capable of real journalism from time to time):

The only word I can use to describe this is “demonic”.


But look at the reaction of the various CIVILIAN agencies. MD’s all over the nation went right along with the BS. “Studies” of efficacy of masks eg. were all favorable” for usage when *the published data from these studies said no such thing”. Hypatia’s own husband seems still in the propaganda camp. She’s no dummy and I doubt she’d marry a dunce. PEOPLE all were freaked out. Yes, that was from propaganda, but normally rational people jumped right in. Even people *who should have known better * stepped in with the mob. If you disagreed you were very much the rebels.


Where did the BS come from?

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Where did the BS come from [/quote]

From the media. From the administration (?remember Fauci and the female scarf-wearing doc - ?Burke). From corporations - my wife worked in PAR and the hospital! required she take the vaccine to work. From state medical boards. From the Democrat Party. From Big Pharma. From local pharmacies. From medical societies - the AMA wholeheartedly endorsed ALL the foolishness, just like they endorse antigen legislation and global warming. From various government departments school boards, local cops who enforced the ban on church gatherings and city mayors who imposed the bans.


It was a mass psychosis. It was like the bomb shelter craze when everybody was so scared that they convinced themselves they could somehow survive by digging 6 feet underground. Essentially building a tinfoil hat —to live in.
But,y’know, it got to the point where everybody started questioning themselves: could all these other people possibly be wrong?
I noticed that medical office buildings and hospitals clung to the mask customs longer than anyone else.
Maybe that was part of the flip side of fear of the actual infection: the fear that, unless you were SEEN to conform, you’d be blamed if anybody who had been exposed to you, entered your office, attended your party, would blame you if they got the disease! Which they would’ve.
Just to be clear, @Devereaux my BMD wasn’t into the entire schtick with masks, 6 feet apart, etc. He just thinks about the vax that it may not be effective, but that’s the worst of it. And originally, remember, they promised us we’d be FREE again if we took the jab.
To me, the worst thing about the rush job was when they said it was safe for,pregnant women—but nine months hadn’t even elapsed since the vax became available,so how could they know that?


Ironic that, as a result of my prior reference to Heinlein, I decided to see if I’d missed any other novels in which duel played an important part of society and ended up getting “Farnham’s Freehold” just for entertainment value since the synopsis featured a future “African Planet Earth” which I figured would be most amusing since it was written in 1964.

What should I find but that it is about one of those tinfoil hat survivalists!


I prefer to think of freedom. Freedom from infectious morons.


I understand what you’re saying and I appreciate the compliment, but I never considered myself a rebel. As I mentioned before, at the beginning of the so-called pandemic, I thought we were dealing with an extremely deadly virus (and I guess that for a very small, but still significant number of people it was) and at the time, the powers that be basically said that it was untreatable (I remember our local public health unit saying something to the effect that “if you catch COVID stay at home…only go to the hospital when you start turning blue”). So, out of desperation, I sought out alternative treatments—I wasn’t looking for a magic bullet or cure—just something that might give me and the people I loved a little “edge”…hopefully enough to keep us out of the hospital. I wasn’t out to “stick it to the man” or prove our public health and regulatory agencies wrong…I was genuinely looking for answers. When I started, I wasn’t looking for information on vaccine development or mRNA technology—I wasn’t even aware that these were issues—but, it didn’t take long to stumble on that information. If simply asking questions and searching for answers makes someone a rebel, then I think that says something deeply disturbing about what our society has become—it’s as though we’ve become an “unconscious civilization”: