Tucker Carlson on How the CIA Set-up Richard Nixon



Wow! This is yet another nail in the coffin of my prior belief in American exceptionalism and basic goodness/trustworthiness. In other words, their propaganda worked on me for years.




It works on everyone. Intelligent people are just as, if not more, susceptible to propaganda because they think it doesn’t work on them. That they will apply critical thinking to dispatch propaganda is nonsense because most propaganda is subtle and works on the lizard brain.

Exhibit A. How many people think they know a politician? We all claim politician a is x and never stop to ask how exactly did we get that belief? Who was the source? Do we really know the source? My congressman is good, but yours is bad because my unknown source is good and your unknown source is bad.

We would all be better off if we didn’t look at or listen to anything associated with a politician and simple look at how they voted. As soon as you try to understand how they vote, you see how convoluted they make things so you cannot determine what they really support or oppose.

Exhibit B. Omnibus bills or the combining of Israel and Ukraine aid as well as some other stuff.
Look at the battle being fought to get these funding votes separate.

How many Republicans say that Biden gave money to Iran? As if Congress has zero input into spending.

It is well known that J Edger Hoover had dossiers on politicians, but the public concludes that without J Edger the agency is as pure as the driven snow.

AOC and gang immediately retracted the letter they sent about the need for negotiations on Ukraine and nobody even asks whether they were forced to retract and who did the forcing.

It should be obvious to every voter regardless of their political ideology that the politicians are not in control. They are scum bags that benefit, but they are as much in control as an actor is in control of the movie.


Nixon won 49 states in 1972. Only Massachusetts voted for McGovern

His VP is gone in 1973.
Nixon resigns in 1974. Two years after he wins 49 states.




A two part podcast where Steve Hayward interviews Geoff Shepard (https://shepardonwatergate.com/) about his then recently published book where he digs into Watergate.

I know a bunch of you dislike Ricochet, so I include an even longer interview by Hugh Hewitt.


Indifferent about Ricochet
Dislike is too strong


I am on hiatus from Ricochet, but plan on returning this summer. I’m am not fond of Hugh at all.


Ei-yii- yii! And Watergate was what I had been looking back to as the last time the country seemed to be all on the same page.What a chump.
Coupla things, though:
Nixon did win by a landslide, but I don’t think people give McGovern enough credit for that. He was a radical. He wanted to pass a law that no American could pass on more than $250,000. In 1972 that was a lotta money, you could buy a big house on Philadelphia’s Main Line for that. (That’s where I happened to be at the time.) it was more money than a lot, maybe most, Americans could reasonably expect to die possessed of. But people were incensed by that, Most Americans BELIEVED back then that they might very well amass a fortune—and damned if the government was gonna tell them they couldn’t leave it to their kids! See, they hadn’t been told, yet, that the system was rigged against them.

And then there was Billy Graham. Known colloquially as “the Pope of America”— I wonder how many people even know now about his vast influence?He was all over Nixon, if anybody remembers….then that tape of Nixon swearing up,a blue streak was released. When Billy said he threw up when he heard it—all middle America ran gagging for the toilet.


P.S.: oh and what about McGovern’s VP choice, Thomas Eagleton? When it came out that he had undergone electro shock therapy for depression—it was OVER.
Again, Americans back then knew crazy when they saw it, and they werent afraid to act on what they knew.

Now? I give you “Rachael” Levine, Sam Brinton….


McGovern was a radical and his campaign was a disaster.

Massachusetts was crazy in 1972. And every year since. They did vote for Reagan in 1984 but I am assuming turnout was low among Democrats that year