U n c l e a n!


Just to make the travel experience even more congenial, this showed up in my mailbox this afternoon. If I didn’t have to travel back through Boristan in January, I’d be inclined to ignore it and tell them to pound sand. I am currently investigating alternatives and weighing their consequences.

As I read the linked documents, and extrapolating through the stupidity and consequent
ambiguity, I believe that I am “exempt” having been “vaccinated” twice. But do I want to “sign in” on their site and provide whatever information it demands? We’ll see.


If I could bring us all back to the phone on the wall in the kitchen days and eliminate the spy devices we all carry. I would.


Why did they tag you? An infected person on your flight?

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As a resident of Switzerland, how do you come to be in the NHS system? Does it have an international reach?


When I travelled through the UK, I had to fill out a “Passenger Locator Form” in order to land in England. This puts you “in the system” and is not optional: there is a GBP 10,000 fine for arriving without a valid form or for false information on a form. My assumption is that somebody on the flight from Switzerland to the UK subsequently tested positive for COVID and generated notifications for everybody on the plane (which was a A320 NEO, almost full).


It seems that NHS Test & Trace is not actually part of the Love It/Hate It UK National Health Service – it was set up by a well-connected Conservative Party business woman and pays its contractors well (reportedly up to GB Pounds 6,000 per day). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the system is not performing well. This may be a business opportunity for FourmiLab!

NHS test and trace ‘failed its main objective’, says spending watchdog | Coronavirus | The Guardian
In a damning report, the public accounts committee concluded that NHS test and trace “has not achieved its main objective to help break chains of Covid-19 transmission and enable people to return towards a more normal way of life” despite receiving about 20% of the NHS’s entire annual budget – £37 bn – over two years.


That makes the F-35 seem like a bargain.