U.S. Department of Transportation: “Young Pioneers Thrilled at Shining Infrastructure Ten Year Plan!”

U.S. Dept. of Transportation tweet

I have made a screen shot of this because embedding the tweet does not show either the emojis or the pathetic attempt at a meme. If you doubt its authenticity, click the image to view the original tweet (if well-deserved scorn hasn’t sent it down the memory hole). Clicking the verified sender account identifies it as:

@USDOT Twitter account


What? !!! We have to wait a decade until getting from place to place becomes so much better? We have to wait until Resident Biden’s third term??

Not good enough! I want my Maserati now – and a new empty super-highway with no speed limits to run it on! And I want someone else to pay for it!


You express with stunning clarity the ethos of the average american (sic) voter!