U.S. House of Representatives “Intelligence” Subcommittee Hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Pencil-neck bug-eye committee chairman Adam Schiff (who looks like he’s putting on some weight, perhaps due to an impeachment-rich diet) comes on at 14:31. They don’t get to the first witness until 17:05.

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Well if I was an a micro paricite invasion & I wanted to harvest energy from electrical plebs… & I had limited abilities only via organic interaction and was only able to flex obedience from my host was via the eyes & its hard to do that if your eyelids have a curvature in order to change perception then I would separate that type of host on a different land. If the host has not as curved eyes then visual deception was possible perfect for a control factor. Now if during the evolution of such a paricite threat also was going throw stages of transfer till it hit let’s say cycle fifty & at that time is able to speed evolutionary controls look out. Let’s say you have managed to blind both human visual defenses plus you have harvested already entry points into the synapticical mind however you are still limited telepathically as a plasma paricite to a limited human connection range to for a web like slime does when making collection pathways for food. You would need carrier waves that would speed up your abilities to grow…fast trains sounds like a great idea… forget peace let’s become an on the move mindless empty hater or a sleeping standing up link of transfer to feed the exchange… food for thought.

The magnetospheres that coat our planet is changing where at this time we as a species has a reset period… this is like a harvest just like every aspect of the cycle of life and agricultural. I realise this is an extremely hard topic to convey, however you may not or you are not consciously available to contemplate… the details

There is currently an international fusion research megaproject called ITER, which aims to replicate the fusion processes of the sun to create energy on the Earth. Its aim is the creation of high temperature plasma that provides the right environment for fusion to occur, producing energy. Thank god… its airborn all right please advise

Is Rudy Rucker Last Star Fighter? :thinking: