ULA Atlas V 541 / GOES-T Launch

Launch of the GOES-T weather satellite for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Doesn’t that sound so much more impressive than “weather bureau”? It’s as if they’re administering the atmosphere and oceans instead of just trying to guess whether it will rain tomorrow.) is scheduled for 21:38 UTC on 2022-03-01. There is a two hour launch window, so if launch does not occur at the start of the window as planned, they may still launch later in the day. Weather is forecast as 70% favourable for launch.

Here is more about GOES-T and the mission from Spaceflight Now.

This, like all Atlas V missions, uses Russian RD-180 engines to power the first stage. United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno said that while Russian technicians are usually on call for a launch, withdrawal of their services due to sanctions against Russia will not impede this or future Atlas V missions in any way. The RD-180 engines for all remaining Atlas V flights have already been delivered. The Atlas V will be retired and replaced by the Vulcan launcher, which is supposed to use U.S. made Blue Origin BE-4 engines, if and when that vendor finally gets around to delivering flight-ready hardware.