ULA Releases Photo of Blue Origin BE-4 Flight Engine #1 for Vulcan Rocket

Well, after looking at the toolchain for CFD – going from parametric Python to momentum transfer for variable axial omega-k I decided this is decidedly beyond my time resources given that I’m considering re-starting the Delegate Network for the 2024 Congressional race for Iowa’s 4th district (which has been redistricted to exclude Dem Des Moines). So I’ve put the question to the CFD community to see if an open source project could be feasible:

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That Williams International rocket engine is a lot like what Musk seems to be pursuing with the 1337 (LEET) Rocket Engine if Brian Wang’s reporting is correct:

Elon Musk and SpaceX are looking at extreme ideas like deleting the whole hot fuel gas manifold and merging the fuel pump with the main chamber injector. Elon Musk told his team that "We are on a deletion rampage”. All questionable tubes, sensors and manifolds were deleted.