US and States' 3/2024 Antitrust Suit v. Apple


This is extortion

"Apple has locked its consumers into the iPhone while locking its competitors out of the market,” said Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. Stalling the advancement of the very market it revolutionized, she said, it has “smothered an entire industry.”

There is a concerning trend in the world today. Whenever someone is quoted as saying something really dumb or stupid, the probability that the “someone” is female is now well above 50%. It hardly seems to matter if the “someone” is an American lawyer or a Spanish Defense Minister.

As a person with happy memories of working for excellent female bosses, I suspect that the prevalence of women making stupid statements is a consequence of DIE-enhanced promotions based on gender instead of on ability.


Apple obviously needs to pay da rent. Google pays the da rent. Facebook pays da rent. Apple needs to pay da rent.


Interestingly, one of several key aspects involves “super apps”. These have features that would compete with some of Apple’s products such as ApplePay. IIRC, the complaint suggests that Apple’s anti-competitive practices are why we don’t have them in the US but do in China.

Unless this was done on behalf of a Chinese company that bought a Hunter Biden painting or three, the companies with the most to gain are Google/Alphabet, Facebook/Meta, and Twitter/X.

Google/Alphabet should quickly run into its own antitrust issues if its super app dominates android phones. So the Facebook/Meta v. Twitter/X war may go hot.