USA’s Military Empire: A Visual Database

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 6.30.24 PM

This interactive map provides a visual of the global presence of the U.S. military, showing the locations of its 900 foreign military bases. You can click on a base to see more information, such as when the base was established, the estimated number of personnel, and relevant news articles.

Of course, U.S. military bases are for defensive purposes only – that’s why they’re in so many countries around the world!

Why We Built This Database

This visual database was researched and developed by World BEYOND War to help journalists, activists, researchers and individual readers understand the immense problem of excessive preparation for war, which inevitably leads to international bullying, meddling, threats, escalation and mass atrocity. By illustrating the extent of USA’s empire of military outposts, we hope to call attention to the wider problem. Thanks to for a variety of information included herein.