USA Today Poll: What Should Biden Do in the Next Year

Last Wedenesday, 2021-11-03, USA Today polled 1000 registered U.S. voters and asked them to “name the single thing that was most important for Biden to do in the next year.” Here are the top ten responses.

  1. Resign/retire/quit - 20%
  2. Economy/jobs - 11%
  3. Unite/help the country - 8%
  4. Immigration/border control - 8%
  5. COVID/mandates - 6%
  6. Infrastructure bills - 5%
  7. Inflation - 4%
  8. Health care - 3%
  9. Climate change/environment - 3%
  10. Bipartisanship - 3%

They also polled Biden’s job approval, which came in 37.8% approve, 59.0% disapprove. Harris got 27.8% approve, 51.2% disapprove, with 21% undecided. “Do you hope Joe Biden runs for another term as president in 2024?” got 29.1% yes, 63.7% no, 7.2% undecided. “Do you hope Donald Trump runs for another term as president in 2024?” was 35.6% yes, 58.4% no, 6% undecided.


2024 is a TOUGH decision. We who are rational see Trump policies as clearly good for the country. The elites see him as overturning their applecart (which is mostly true - even though rational people believe said applecart needed overturning). ?So how much of all this hype is more Left Wing BS, ungrounded in anything factual, attempting to get us to not support Trump in a second run.

O’Reilly on Wilkow today said he expects Trump to do a deal with DeSantis to run as VP. Might enhance the ticket, but there’s a serious question whether DeSantis will be happy with a basically do-nothing position, just to help Trump. He actually could be a lot more helpful as Gov of FL, running interference for Trump.


We have to look at that poll through the eyes of a DC Swamp creature: “Climate change” is in the Top 10! That means the people want us to give top priority to killing jobs and increasing the cost of everything to save the planet!

Interesting that shrinking the size/budget of FedGov was not on the list. Nor was rolling back excessive regulations or putting the legal profession on a short leash. (Not offered choices, maybe?)

But in a country in which Presidential elections can be stolen with barely a whimper of protest, none of this matters. They have done it once, they will do it again.


The percentages in the list only add up to 71%, which probably means 29% cited items all over the map, none of which made the top ten. Given that 75 million people voted in 2020 for a candidate who was strongly identified with border control, it seems odd that only 8% would make that a priority, but perhaps given what Biden’s border policy has been, they consider it fantasy that he’d do something sane on the matter.

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USA Today (Gannett NYSE), is biased toward Dems, so it is surprising to see the number one listing. Is Dem establishment readying the teleprompter for a Harris presidency?

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