Video Game “Speed Runners” as Seen by Non-Player Characters

Here is more on speedrunning video games.

Here is a madman who made it through Bioshock Infinite in 92 minutes and 47 seconds (albeit in “Easy” mode). When I played through it in 2018, it took me 58 days.


How do you find the time?? I’m thinking the clocks in Lignières must have > 24 hours per day. I also have the impression you don’t need much sleep. While much of my work life in anesthesia I had to be in the hospital working by 06:30 at the latest; was OK with only about 6 hours sleep, as long as my hours of sleep were invariable. I had problems when I slept longer on occasion. Upon awakening from a longer sleep, I usually felt hung over for hours after awakening. Odd. Nowadays, I find I need close to 10 hours. I don’t like sleeping away 10/24 of my remaining life. Maybe I am paying back my ‘sleep debt’.


While the game does not have native support for Linux, users report that it will run using the compatibility layer Proton, which is integrated into the Steam client and, apparently, makes a bunch of games Linux compatible (but I cannot vouch for this personally).

The same thing happens to me if I press the “snooze” button on my alarm clock. For some unknown reason, sleeping longer than normal causes me to feel groggy rather than well-rested. Coffee helps.


Awe when you say like that it seems daunting, but if you think of it as only 5/12, you should be fine.