Vivek Ramaswamy Touts Endorsement Of White Supremacist Former Rep. Steve King

I served as an Iowa Caucus delegate for Steve King’s district and showed Steve a diagram comparing immigration rates to Gallup polls since 1965 on immigration preferences: More than a supermajority of Americans’ consent had been relentlessly violated for a half century. He commented that no one had ever shown him that contrast visually before.


Shortly thereafter the NYT did their hit-piece “interview” of him that destroyed his political career by smearing him as a white “supremacist”.

My vote at the upcoming Republican caucus will go to Trump, not Vivek. Vivek could have gotten my vote if he’d come clean about the role of immigrants from India in lobbying for extending affirmative action to immigrants during the 1970s AND that this had a negative impact on middle class Boomer fertility rates, which caused serious damage to the foundation of the legitimacy of the US that he must, as a beneficiary of that ethnic nepotism, remediate as President.

The problem is that until the immigration bomb blew a demographic hole in Iowa’s fertility, Iowa was second only to North Dakota in SAT scores adjusted for participation rates and its middle class got hammered by H-1b fraud.

Vivek can’t get away with not talking about that to a population with even a residue of critical thinking left after the immigration bomb’s attempted lobotomy.


This article is garbage front to back. Steve King isn’t much of a white supremacist if he endorses Ramaswamy. And the points that King make are valid.

I don’t like Vivek, but I’ll vote for the R nominee.


Look, I get it: Some employers were going to be put out of business if they didn’t hire illegal immigrants so I’m not going to necessarily include them in the “Church Ladies of Political Correctness”, but there won’t be much mercy for the H-1b advocates that violated the consent of 82% of the American People.


I think King is the one who asked the question “What’s wrong with white nationalism”?
Well? What IS? It’s ok for all,other ethnic groups to want cohesive identity and self preservation, why not us?
This morning I heard the entire exchange where some reporter asked Vivek if he supported white supremacy. She kept pressing him to say yes or no. It was hilarious, really, if you had seen it 20 years ago you’d be ROFL. A reporter pressing a brown man about “white supremacy”….truly, we have obtained a post-racial America.


Holy crap, that’s a “common scam”?!?! I think I would die of fright if I got a call like that, unless my daughter were sittting in the room with me at the time.

I read about the prevalence of kidnapping in Latin America and other benighted places. Two things: it doesn’t matter who they grab really, it doesn’t have to be a child. Almost anybody’s family will try to scrape up 10 or 20K to free the person.
And also, people employed by international corporations, oil companies, construction companies and the like, working in places like Africa, get kidnapped all the time, and the company just pays up. They have to, if they want to be able to get and keep any employees. So, if you ever wonder where terrorists get their money…


John Grisham, the legal thriller author, has a novel out about a high-profile kidnapping and corporate response, The Exchange.

I don’t know how realistic the hostage scenario is (it is set around 2005, before the madness reached its current level), but the depiction of corporate cowardice, government ineptitude, and cover-your-fundament mentality everywhere rings true.


Aren’t all of the swarms of “migrants” storming the borders into the “colonial power” states of Europe and North America the ultimate supporters of “white supremacy”? They are willing to abandon their native lands, often leaving their families behind (one hopes, to bring in later, or maybe not), often pay a stiff fee to smugglers equal to almost all their wealth, tear up their documents permitting return to their native land, and bet it all because they judge their prospects for a better life are better in a land with a white majority run along the lines of Enlightenment tradition.

Whether in doing so, they renounce their quaint but authentic native customs in favour of those which have made their destination countries paradisical compared to the Hells on Earth they left which continue to practice “honour killings”, cousin marriage, female genital mutilation, machete massacres, and other traditional ethnic heritage remains to be seen. The evidence to date is not encouraging.


There are a couple of cross-cutting conflations to disentangle here.

Foremost is visible in the entangled senses of “supremacy” provided by the Cambridge Dictionary:

  1. the leading or controlling position
  2. the position of being the best

The reason the accusation of “supremacy” is effective on “whites” is that “whites” are the most heritably disgusted with group power over the individual. There is plenty of evidence for this so the individual “white” is put in a psychological bind: “If I follow my intellectual integrity, I cannot very well deny that I suspect that among the races of the world, the white race is *morally superior (sense 2) and therefore I can’t very well deny that I am a “white” supremacist (sense 1)”.

This is like an open wound in the psychology of the west that the infiltrators keep poking to torture whites and it only works because whites can’t effectively respond with the sense 1 of the infiltrators using the “Supremacy Clause” of the Federal government to torment individual whites with things like Affirmative Action and an utterly insular contempt toward the consent (power over) more than a supermajority of whites on immigration. This is ineffective because the infiltrators are morally inferior to the “whites” they torture with infiltrators’ real supremacist behavior. They are heritably collectivist and therefore see group solidarity as “moral” – so accusing them of being “supremacist” is actually received as a compliment.


ANY attempt at self-defense of the individual is immediately, and accurately professed to be a defense of “whiteness” even if the “whites” so-organizing are utterly disinterested in defending anything but individual integrity. This is why it is so easy for infiltrators to go after someone like Vivek as a “white supremacist”. The infiltrators are utterly without moral or intellectual integrity and they know that so long as the Federal Government is in their control, they can do anything they want and no one who can be cast as “white” can organize any effective resistance because they are demoralized.

The cross-cutting tangle is the reasonable claim that the Federal Reserve’s control of the World Reserve Currency is sucking the lifeblood of the global economy and handing that lifeblood out in a trickledown “economics” via not only the Federal Government’s direct largesse but also the indirect largesse of defending property rights without charging the possessors of those property rights for the service and, instead charging both the global economy and productive citizens through the 16th Amendment!

This adds further emotional cross-cutting confusion to further demoralize the citizens of the US who are even more of a victim of the FR dollar as World Reserve Currency than is the rest of the world.

Would that we could take all the “migrants” and shove them into the office of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and have them “trickle down” through the Deep State’s posh residences surrounding the Beltway, as well as the posh residences of the executives of the network effect monopolies of the tech industry that are sanctioned by the “Supremacy Clause” of the Constitution.