Weekly Space Report: Almost quiet by recent standards


  • Starship: Much activity at Stage Zero, including re-installation of various items removed from Mechazilla after test flight three, and more foundation prep for the second Boca Chica tower.

  • Math geeks compare payload stats from Musk’s recent presentation to the original forecasted payload for Starship. Actual performance of the test flights have been well below expected thrust levels, for unknown reasons.

  • Review of various engine design, including some contrasts with SpaceX’s competitors.

  • Falcon 9: Just two Starlink missions this week. Almost boring. :grin:

  • NASA’s Mars Sample Return mission is likely on the chopping block–$11 billion that could save a bunch of other projects.

  • Starliner continues prep for its first manned mission–the capsule was stacked on the rocket this week.

  • Gilmour Space in Australia is readying its first test flight of its Eris rocket, with its proprietary new engines.