Weekly Space Report: Anticipation Builds!

SpaceX dominates this week’s report, as usual, with both Starship and Falcon 9 news. Highlights:

  • Starbase tank farm reconfiguration to mostly-horizontal continues, with the new LOx tanks plumbed ahead of expectations this week.

  • Stage Zero’s maintenance work appears done, with all actuators and covers now re-installed.

  • Future flight five’s Ship 30 came out of the High Bay, fully tiled, for its coming engine tests

  • Flight four’s Booster 11 came out of the Mega bay for its coming engine test(s).

  • Flight four’s Ship 29 is having some minor tile touch-ups.

  • Four Falcon 9 flights this week, including a rare expended booster.

  • China’s Shenzou crew returned sucessfully, and Chang’e 6 started its round trip to the Moon.

  • Starliner is still on to launch this Monday .


Amazing pace at Space/X