Weekly Space Report: Rapid prep for Test Flight 3, and more

SpaceX is behaving, naturally, as if they will get the February go-ahead for Starship TF3. And is well ahead of the government for TF4 and beyond.

New tower construction parts are accumulating and moving around, both for the second tower in Boca Chica, and the tower at Canaveral.

Starlab chooses Starship to loft its private space station in one go, some few years from now.

And much more. :grin:


I’ll take up the baton of posting these each week.


I’m behind. Is John Walker’s absence serious?

Oh no. I just read an article about it. This is terrible.

Thank you for stepping up to fill the gap. Much appreciated!


Would it be inappropriate to ask for a link, or a new topic to be started on this? (If we are not “that sort of forum”, I’d sure appreciate a private message with any info).

My google-fu hasn’t helped me… all I know are the messages above, and apparently John hasn’t posted for a few days.