Weekly Space Report: Shields Up at Starbase for Third Launch, Mike Griffin’s “Let’s Do Apollo Again”, Axiom-3 Arrives at ISS, Japan Upside Down on the Moon

Here is former NASA Administrator Michael Griffin (“faster, cheaper, better”) making his opening statement at a hearing by the U.S. house of representatives Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics titled “Returning to the Moon: Keeping Artemis on Track”. Remarkably, after Griffin argued for scrapping the entire Artemis plan for human Moon missions, cancelling the two commercial contracts for human landing systems, and having NASA go it alone Apollo-style, there was not a single follow-up question about his plan in the entire rest of the hearing.

Here is the written statement Griffin presented [PDF] along with his testimony.

A Lower-Risk Approach: A Two-Launch Soluton for Human Lunar Landing
Early lunar return missions that meet NASA’s basic requirements – four people on the surfacefor a week at any location – can be achieved using technology and systems that are largely available today. One straightforward approach is discussed below. It requires two SLS Block 2 heavy lift launches, each carrying a Centaur III upper stage; an Orion command and service module; and a two-stage storable-propellant lunar lander, yet to be designed. A schematic view of this approach is shown below:

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