Weekly Space Report: SpaceX and more SpaceX, and an Eclipse

SpaceX dominates this week, as nobody else seems to be making news. :man_shrugging:

First up: Starship Booster 11 skipped all other testing (propellant loading, spin prime, single engines) to go straight to a full-duration all-engines burn right out of the gate. Speculation is that no more testing will be required. With Ship 29 doing a full-duration all-engines test the previous week, we may already have the kit for Test Flight 4 almost ready to go. (Some tile rework on Ship 29 appears to be the only publicly visible hurdle.)

SpaceX did release their official recap video with high resolution video from points on the spacecraft that weren’t streamed live.

Four Falcon 9 launches this week: Eutelsat 36D, and Starlinks 6-45, 7-18, and 6-47. All successful, as usual.

Polaris Dawn’s Dragon capsule heads to vacuum testing ahead of this summer’s planned commercial spacewalk mission.

Reminder that the U.S.'s sole complete solar eclipse for the next couple decades is Monday.