Weekly Space Report: SpaceX and more SpaceX

This week’s report is all SpaceX. Busy, busy.

The biggest news is the tentative date and flight plan posted for Starship Test Flight 3: March 14.

Wet dress rehearsal of the full stack was completed to T minus 10. The ship was then destacked for installation of the live Flight Termination System components. (For the booster, too.)

While the FAA license has not been released, there are notices to mariners posted.

Meanwhile, the test campaign for the next ship was proceeding in parallel, with an aborted spin prime test (presumably) this week. More future booster production activities were noted, too.

Falcon 9 launched three times this week: Crew Dragon for Crew 8, Transporter 10, and Starlink 6-41. The evening launch for that last yielded some particularly interesting views of the booster return.