Weekly Space Report: SpaceX and Skyshow and Soyuz and an Eclipse, Oh My!

  • Starship Test Flight 4 preparations continue as expected, but future plans stole the show, from an Elon Musk presentation updating the overall plan to get to Mars, just after the last weekly report. One of the highlights is Elon’s plan to attempt the recovery of the booster from test flight five.

  • Three decades of space film and photography expertise broke onto the scene with the rollout of Skyshow.TV. Marcus got some never-before-seen footage to show off.

  • Soyuz MS-24 made an uneventful return this week with its multinational crew.

  • Many Falcon 9 launches, with some beautiful return-to-launch site video, and the twentieth return of booster 1062.

  • Eclipse coverage, with a number of views of the lunar shadow from space.

  • Last flight of Delta-4 Heavy with NROL-70.


Amazing feats of engineering. SpaceX has a significant lead, being the only game in town to allow for booster reuse.

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