Weekly Space Report: SpaceX, ULA, Soyuz, JAXA, and NASA

SpaceX has been tidying up the minor damage to the Boca Chica launch complex. And pushing through the static fire program for Ship 29, now presumed complete.

A couple more Starlink launches this week, with another booster reaching 19 flights.

United Launch Alliance’s Delta 4 Heavy launch was scrubbed–next window in the new week.

CRS-30 and Soyuz MS-25 both docked at the international space station, the latter after a brief launch delay.

JAXA’s moon lander woke up after its second lunar night–now well beyond its expected lifespan.

NASA budget review–mostly speculation at this time, but the request being debated is missing one notable item: continuation of the Chandra X-ray telescope operations. It’s on the chopping block.