Weekly Space Report: Starship Full Stack Cryo Tests, Falcon Heavy Countdown, Polaris Cosmic Ray Experiments, Relativity Space Giant 3D Printer

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This titanium fuel injector head cost 48 hours on a (roughly) $250k piece of capital equipment. Assuming capital service at 12% that’s under $200/injector. I’m not sure what you could get away with in terms of capital depreciation write off but things are moving fast so it had better be pretty steep.



3D printed copper (NARIoy-Z-40?) should be able to produce a better ultracentrifugual engine – particularly if Gary Hudson’s idea of induced image currents from stator magnet containment is used to reduce the rotating mass:

I bring up copper alloy rather than aluminum because it might be possible to avoid special materials (hence special parts) for the nozzles.

“The best part is no part.” – Elon Musk