Weekly Space Report: Starship TF3 & HLS, Intuitive Machines, and JAXA


  • SpaceX Ship 28 spin prime testing, then booster and ship restacking for launch.

  • SpaceX future launch ship and booster manufacturing acceleration, with 2nd mega-bay welding turntable install.

  • SpaceX Lunar Human Landing System docking testing, and completed milestones summary.

  • FAA final mishap report on Starship TF2 released, with additional details of the booster RUD sequence of events.

  • The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured imagery of Intuitive Machine’s Odysseus landing site. Odysseus is just visible.

  • Odysseus has returned imagery of its broken landing gear, along with substantial science data. But the mission will end early due to the poor angle of its solar panels. And is not expected to survive the lunar night.

  • JAXA’s SLIM lunar lander unexpectedly re-awakens after its lunar night, and appears to be set to continue its mission. The equatorial landing site undoubtedly helped make this possible.