Weekly Space Report: Starship Water Deluge Test, Booster 9 on Orbital Launch Mount, Chandrayaan-3 en Route to the Moon


Today, 2023-07-23, SpaceX conducted a full fill cryogenic loading test on Booster 9 mounted on the Orbital Launch Mount. Both the liquid oxygen and methane tanks were completely filled. I don’t know whether the actual propellants or liquid nitrogen as a proxy were loaded. There was a large delivery of liquid nitrogen to the site a few days ago. At this writing (2023-07-23 at 19:17 UTC), the SpaceX test director has announced that they are in the process of de-tanking the booster.


-163C CH4 vs -196C N2

I don’t know what the ∂T material characteristics would be at those temperatures but at these scales I’m pretty sure they “matter”.


I can’t help but wonder if more modern such missiles are now part of the armamentarium of today’s USPS (and many other civilian agencies) SWAT teams, which must deal - not with foreign enemies - but with fellow citizens who merely dissent from mainstream lunacy. They may not be able to deliver the mail competently, by they can surely demonstrate the tentacles of the federal power to quell even peaceful, rational divergence of opinion. That is, to crush the “wrong kind” of diversity from on high - like Zeus of old - where the official “truth” resides.

ADDENDUM: Sorry, this was supposed to be a comment on another thread with the Regulus missile. Thanks to iOS, it wound up here. I have no idea why. I HATE this iPad. One of my worst - ever mistakes. I only use it while exercising. It changes words in some bizarre manner which have zero to do with what I want to say.

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