Weekly Space Report: TF4 as early as June 5!


  • Starship Booster 11/Ship 29 Wet Dress Rehearsal

  • Ship 29 destacked for a few final tile installs

  • Test flight 4 date as soon as June 5, including notices to mariners.

  • Stage Zero old tank demolishing rushing to completion

  • Stage Zero second tower pilings started.

  • TF4 timeline published

  • Falcon 9 NROL-146, Starlink 6-62, 6-63

  • Blue Origin returns to the Kalman line with New Shepard 25, and teases New Glenn preparations

  • Boeing Starliner delayed further, no definite new date.

  • VAST Haven 1 Pathfinder mini-station that fits in a Falcon 9 fairing

  • Rocket Factory Augsburg Helix 4-engine test

  • Dream Chaser arrives in Florida for final integration with Vulcan