Weekly Space Report: Tower Two ready to rise!


  • Ship QD upgrades

  • Vertical tanks are gone

  • Tower two first segment placement close to final position

  • Possible flame trench at tower two

  • Ship 30 tile work

  • Ship 31 returns to testing at Massey’s

  • SpaceX publishes 4K recap of flight 4 with some new clips

  • Elon tweets “Flight 5 in 4 weeks” yesterday

  • Starlink 8-9 sole Falcon 9 this week.

  • Collins Aerospace suit contract woes

  • Polaris Dawn flight at end of July

  • Blue Origin strongback testing

  • Firefly “Noise of Summer” success

  • China’s Space Pioneer unexpected launch of Tianlong-3 from test stand (China’s copy of a Falcon 9, aiming for reusable boosters)

  • James Web Telescope aimed at Jupiter instead of far galaxies–great shots