What Does the “Popcorn” Button on a Microwave Oven Do (or Not Do)?

Oh, you mean you have to put a bag of unpopped corn in first? I thought it was like the Star Trek replicator. “Popcorn, artificial buttery flavour, hot!”


The most curious thing for me is that I watched till the last second and did not hear any disclaimer of liability. Does such a video create liability in case an idiot tries something based on this video and burns the kitchen or the house or does something equally damaging? If it does, what kind of insurance the author must obtain?


In Safetyland, I’d make sure I had at least two other passports, a prepaid open ticket out of the country, money deposited offshore, a diamond sewed into my shoulder just in case. Seriously, I’d think the first on the hook for liability would be up to the manufacturer who put a “Popcorn” button on the control panel.