What's a Factor of 2000 Among Innumerate Morons?

Imagine a country whose executive branch is filled with people so stupid that nobody said, “Hey, does that make any sense?” before putting it in the mouth of the chief executive. These are the same poindexters who say they’re going to achieve “net-zero carbon emissions by 2050”.

Shipping 70,000 tons by air would require around 675 Boeing 777F freighters loaded to maximum capacity.


Think of the carbon footprint!


70,000 tons - 70,000 lbs. = Hunter’s cut plus 10% for the Big Guy.


Speaking of Hunter, back in the day people cut cocaine with powdered baby formula. Perhaps with the open border it’s now cheaper to cut powdered baby formula with cocaine.


The daily war propaganda is preparing us for the coming “war on hunger” caused by (drum roll) Putin. Then, we can all depend on the ever-benevolent federal government for our daily allotment of “sustainable” calories, along with our “sustainable” energy and medical care. Get ready for the expiratory tax, since exhalation contains about 5%CO2; inspiration, we will be benevolently reminded, will remain absolute free.


The question that never used to occur to me is whether any baby formula is being delivered? Today all you have to do is claim you did something and like the four star general post a picture from a video game.

70 thousand pound for 3 million babies. They each get .02 lbs of formula. Just a tad less than required.
Even less impactful than the strategic petroleum reserve release.

Don’t count on these clowns to match Operation Vittles.


The measly 70k pounds will be delivered to a store serving a high number of single mothers of color (“colored mothers”) with a disproportionate share of transgendered babies. CNN, PBS, NYT will be there to photograph the mothers crying for joy and thanking President Biden*. Full coverage on that night’s TV news, and then the story is over – never spoken about again in polite company. Problem solved.

In a way, the baby formula story is a straw in the wind about the downsides of concentration. In a nation of about 300 Million, there are apparently only 4 plants which manufacture baby formula. The likelihood is that something similar could be said about many other essentials, and there are many required physical products for which there are 0 plants in the US manufacturing them. One would hope that our Revered Leaders would think about that – and maybe do something about it before they pick fights simultaneously with Russia & China.


To infinity — AND WAY, WAY BEYOND !!!


Surely you meant “birthing persons”, right?.. :smiley:

The biting sarcasm and irony in this thread is similar to the анекдоты of the Soviet era. The dark humor and ritual around it was without a doubt a coping mechanism. My favorites were the Radio Yerevan style jokes, which were half avant-la-lettre shitposting targeting Caucasus minorities and half dark humor against the regime.

Here is Radio Yerevan, our listeners are asking: “What is the difference between capitalism and socialism?”

We’re answering: “In a capitalist society man exploits man, and in a socialist one, the other way around.”


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at the press briefing on 2022-09-02, responded to a question from Fox Business reporter Edward Lawrence with, “…we have created ten thousand million jobs since president Biden took office, which is the fastest job growth in history…”.

Ten thousand million, or ten billion, is 25% more than the population of the entire world, which is around eight billion.