Why do Our Betters want us to hate these people? -- Ver. 2

Our NeoFeudalist Overlords met recently in the first of the only two cities in the world to have been destroyed by a nuclear attack. They had real problems to address, such as the consequences of their de-industrialization policies, their resulting impossible economic situations, and their rapidly-declining social structures. But instead they focused on expanding their current proxy war against Russia and preparing for war against China – even though those are unnecessary & foolish policies which could well lead to many other cities in the world (including ours) joining the “Nuked” list.

It seems that Our Betters want us peons to hate their chosen “Others” so badly that we are prepared to die in order to kill those human beings.

These thoughts were buzzing through my mind when the following video popped up during my workout yesterday. It is not special, typical for workout screens – in fact, that is the interesting thing about it. All it shows is a bunch of Chinese people having a good time.

It is from one of those popular music contests which seem common on Chinese TV. Notice the positive “Don’t worry, be happy” message; the high energy; the excellent production values; the talented musicians; the strappingly-fit handsome trainers; the cute dancers; the fully-engaged judges; the well-dressed enthusiastic audience; the culmination in the “Ode to Joy”. Notice the audience responding to the singer’s exhortations in English – perhaps there really are more English speakers in China than in England? The issue is – why would we peons want to hate these people enough to kill them and die ourselves in the futile wars on which Our Betters are so intent?

I have no quarrel with the people of China; in many ways, I admire them. The only people we peons are entitled to hate are the members of our own arrogant, incompetent, self-aggrandizing Political Class.



Since Russia invaded Ukraine and the rapid escalation to a global conflict that immediately followed, we’ve been pressed against the edge of a nuclear catastrophe. For those willing to see it, there’s a tangible sense that any provocative event, particularly events that occur outside of Ukraine’s territory or attacks made with US assistance, could become the spark that ignites a nuclear WW3.

  • Attacks on Russian warships and other military targets in Crimea (the US has admitted to providing material assistance to this effort).
  • Ongoing sabotage targeting Russian infrastructure, and in Crimea in particular. The (likely done by the US, with support from elements in the German government, to prevent German business interests from weakening Germany’s support for Ukraine) destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines which made good the threat Biden made in Feb 2022: “If Russia invades Ukraine… there will be no Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it. I promise you. We will be able to do it.”
  • An attack by Russian aircraft that downed a US drone. A Ukrainian drone attack on Kremlin (denied by Ukraine). As bad as this situation is, it will likely get worse — from the UK’s gift of ‘long-range’ Shadow Strike cruise missiles to the US training of Ukrainian pilots to fly donated F-16s to Ukrainian raids on Russian towns near the border.

Taken together, this should be a warning sign, a flashing signal that something has gone terribly wrong with the US strategy in this war. With that in mind, let’s dig into what went wrong.

In Robb’s full article on this nuclear war threat he concludes with a laundry list of consequences including:

a unified BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Saudi Arabia/South Africa) alliance opposed to the US

The Swarm is supra-sovereign, is it not? BRICS is also supra-sovereign, is it not? It is not so much the US that a unified BRICS stands in opposition to but the USD as supra-sovereign. The reason The Swarm self-organizes in defense of the USD is that it derives its power from the way USD enters “The Economy”: Top down rather than the way it should which is from the flesh blood and bone young men who 1) are the ultimate sovereign enforcers of property rights and 2) can no longer outbid “The Economy” for the fertile years of the most economically valuable young women.

This pathology infects not only the USD regime but also the BRICS regime so “The Global Economy” is a de facto unfriendly AGI attacking its foundation in the flesh blood and bone of its most economically valuable mechanical Turks.

This is The Great Filter AGI Musk should be worried about.

Musk is no idiot – especially as he has direct experience with consciously being an “alpha male” to sire children and gets that there is something wrong with the monetary system. Why can’t he take the next logical step and conclude, as I have, that A Great Filter is this tendency to tax economic activity in order to pay for the protection of property rights that include positive network externalities?

I have to assume he’s suffering from parasitic mind control by his court sycophants.


I don’t wish to kill Chinese either. But those on the globe who would consider themselves “our betters?” I gotta hog farm to take them to.