Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

From 2015

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If he panders to authoritarian regimes, why doesn’t he spout the Washington line? “Our Democracy” after all, has become as authoritarian as it gets - complete with Gestapo-like spying under the “new and improved” FISA 702. This is above and beyond the Stasi-like activities of the FBI and the regime neo-brownshirts, aka Antifa and BLM.


Russia has declared information war on the US a long time ago, and Putin has restarted it, and now teamed up with other state actors. This isn’t over.

Mearsheimer is a tool in this war.

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Could not decide between Mark Twain’s alleged “History does not repeat but it rhymes”, or Karl Marx “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce,”… kind of like Mark Twain’s more :wink:

Anyway, almost 100 years ago (source)


The speech is from 2015 and has 29 million views on YouTube


Biden opinion editorial

“Now is not the time to abandon our friends. The House must pass urgent national-security legislation for Ukraine and Israel, as well as desperately needed humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza.”

Mearsheimer may well be a tool – but logical analysis suggests he is right that the destruction in the Ukraine is entirely due to the idiocy & corruption of Western politicians.

If NATO had disbanded when the Soviet Union collapsed along with the Warsaw Pact, and if NATO had not maintained a belligerent attitude and kept expanding towards Russia, a lot of Ukrainians would not be maimed or dead today.


Mearsheimer has been consistent since the end of the Cold War.

I have an acquaintance who lives in Latvia, born during Brezhnev. He says without NATO membership, Putin would have invaded the Baltic countries.

Mearsheimer says in the video that Russia is not worried about Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Putin considers them to be non threatening small countries. Ukraine is a different story.

Putin invaded Georgia :georgia: in 2008 because Georgia was lobbying for NATO membership.

Putin invaded Crimea in 2014 as a response to Euro Maidan.

Putin has been consistent.

Blinken is poking the Russian bear when he says Ukraine will become a NATO member. Blinken obviously forgot that Ukraine doesn’t have 67 votes in the Senate not to mention the other NATO members who are skittish


All this opinion is possible only because IRBM’s in Cuba in 1963 went down the memory hole. How would the US respond if Cuba, today, entered a pact with any nation outside the US sphere of influence - say Russia or China or Iran? Are the US the only nation which gets to define its existential interests??