Why Not Launch Nuclear Waste into Space?

Not mentioned is that a large amount of the “nuclear waste” produced by thermal neutron power reactors is unreacted Uranium-238 which contains around 99% of the energy in the fuel that could be extracted by a fast neutron breeder reactor. Even if it were possible to dispose of this “waste” in space, it would be unwise to discard an energy resource which can be exploited once more efficient reactor technology is deployed. See “Nuclear Fission Fuel Is Inexhaustible”, posted here on 2022-04-25, for more on the advantages of fast neutron reactors.


If our “leaders” knew 1% of a college level energy systems course, AND LEGISLATED APPROPRIATELY, the availabilty and affordability of electric power and thermal heating/cooling would be much, much more favorable to people worldwide.

It is up to people in corrupt regions to figure out best way to persuade simpleton/corrupt regimes that have created current energy crisis.


Indeed! The West is in thrall to technolgical illiterates. They call nuclear fuel “waste”. They call the atmospheric carbon dioxide essential to all life a “pollutant”. They weave fantasies about “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming” which ignore the indisputable historical & geological evidence that the planet’s climate has always been – and always will be – in constant change.

The future Chinese historian who writes that classic “The Decline & Fall of the West’s Empire” will fill many pages trying to understand the willful ignorance on the part of those foolish leaders in the West who were considered “educated”.


There’s also the option of launching it into dirt: