Why, oh why could we not have had this out in 1962?

When I was a child, I had a dream of the town siren urgently warbling at higher cycle speed than usual for tornadoes and fires, signifying we were under nuclear attack. Terrifying.

The subsequent decades have been worse than would have been a nuclear holocaust in 1962.

In fact, if a nuclear war had occurred in 1962 it is quite easy to imagine a far better world of 2024 – one much more in line with an extrapolation from the 1950s than one extrapolating from the 1960s.

Yes, I’m perfectly aware that the 1950s were far from Utopia, but at least in 1962, a demographic pulse called “The Baby Boom” had just started life and could have taken quite a beating. Indeed, given the urbanization and sexual degradation of subsequent decades along with “second demographic transition” (plummeting TFR coupled with exploding replacement immigration) we’re now in a position where post-holocaust America will face even worse existential risk due to the immigration of military aged men from around the world coupled with the corruption of the institutions upon whose shoulders power devolves.


By the same logic, could we imagine a much better world in 2086 if Our Betters fumbled their way to pressing the Big Red Button today?

We know that the current deluded West is economically unsustainable, to use the Lefties’ favorite word. We also know that technology has now spread around the globe – I was astonished to learn that my new cell phone was made in Vietnam. When Vietnam can manufacture a high technology item which no country in the West can, the world has definitely changed! This gives us hope for the survival of civilization on the planet even if the West self-immolates.

Another degraded factor in the contemporary West is the quality of leadership (lack thereof) versus 1962. What Western “leader” today can compare with the likes of JFK? Sadly, there is no obvious path to developing better leadership in the West.