Wild and Warlike Russian Fiction

Sergej Sumlenny has posted a long thread on twitter, staring with the tweet:

Here is the whole thread collected together into one Web page by Thread Reader, “Warlike Russian Fiction”.

Here are a few book covers from the thread.

Beria: Best Manager of the 20th Century

Ukraine on Fire from the “Battlefield Ukraine” series

There is a whole genre in contemporary Russian fiction called “Popadantsy” in which heroes go to the past to change history and right wrongs done to the Motherland. In Tsar from the Future our hero wakes up in the body of Czar Nicholas II, prevents the Russian revolution, defeats Britain, and conquers Instanbul.

London Must Be Destroyed

Comrade Hitler. Execute Churchill!

Medal for the City Named Washington

which inspired this music video.

They really love western video game imagery and disaster flicks!


The TLS a few weeks age had an article about how ALL of Russian Lit is cruel, somehow. Inhumane, or at least , always on the wrong side of humanity, sympathetic to and lovingly depicting the criminals. Certainly true of a lot of Lermontov’s stories! But Pushkin? Awwww…

While we’re on the subject of “what-if”. Lit, try Kingsley Amis’ “The Alteration” set in a world where they’re still castrating choir boys….


Well, at least Russians are still reading books! That puts them ahead of most of the residents of the West. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe we should not take too seriously allegations (from probably biased sources) that the evil Russians have been using media to prepare their population to attack the peaceful West. After all, the mostly widely popular scene in the non-Russian movie “Independence Day” was when the aliens blew up the US Congress. I was in the cinema – we all cheered! Do scenes like that mean Western media was preparing us hoi polloi for a secretive cabal to overthrow our elected President and install an empty figurehead? Oops …


Yeah, not only are they reading but look at what they’re reading - warlike themes. Meanwhile, back in the States, the teachers would have people reading “Jimmy has Two Mommies.”


Now this is a real Russian music video! Or maybe a Finnish music video. Back in 1993 after the USSR had collapsed and everybody was friends and the possibilities in this world seemed endless. The Russian successor to the Red Army Choir performing in Helsinki with a punk-style Finnish group, interestingly called the Leningrad Cowboys.

Leningrad Cowboys. “Those were the days” - YouTube


I’ve long been a fan of alternate history stories (Hans G. Schantz’s Hidden Truth series, S.M. Stirling’s Draka novels, among others) so I find this a fascinating topic. But what’s truly shocking in the original post is that Hitler novel, considering the mauling he inflicted upon the Russians.


Thanks for the reminder- I love these guys!

Of course, I do have a soft spot for OTT.

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