Worcestershire Sauce—How Is It Made?

“First, pack whole anchovies in salt and ferment for three years…”.


Onion, garlic, anchovies: yum!


Golly! All this for that tiny little bottle of brown stuff everybody has had on the back of the pantry for years…I mean, admittedly, when you want it, nothing else will do, like for that appetizer you can make by pouring it over cream cheese. I dky but this made me think of that Kaballistic dictum that when one man dies an entire universe is extinguished. It’s kind of a prequel to that sentiment.

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…or the Fourmilab version of macaroni and cheese, which the truth in labeling people keep insisting we call “Worcestershire Sauce, Mustard, Salt, Cheese, and Macaroni”. European standards require the label to specify energy content per 100 grams in both kilojoules and kcal—we’ve applied for a variance to also include kilotons TNT.