World's Smallest CRT Colour Television

Today there’s nothing exceptional about carrying around a battery powered mobile video player in your pocket, but in 1984 it was a reach. Panasonic (Matsushita) made it happen with their “Color Travelvision CT-101”, which incorporated the smallest (1.5 inch [3.8 cm] diagonal) colour cathode ray tube ever built, complete with magnetic deflection yoke and high voltage anode supply. The television was powered by 12 volts, which could be supplied by a pack of 8 1.5 volt AA batteries, using only three watts of power (around twice that of an Android mobile phone playing a YouTube video). VHF and UHF tuners were included, as well as a clip-on lens to magnify the tiny screen. The CT-101 originally sold for around US$ 525 on 1984, which is about US$ 1544 in today’s rapidly evaporating BidenBucks.


Not much smaller than the screen I recall on my family’s first B&W TV of the early ‘50’s. The console cabinet, on the other hand, was as big as my grandfather’s Buick.

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