Wow! Just wow! Stanford U Circles the Drain

One of the most amazing things I have read in unlamented 2022.
The Grumpy Economist: Stanford hates fun (

Perhaps it should have been expected – after all, no-one has much respect for academia any more. But perhaps this kind of conditioning explains why so many graduates of “elite” institutions mindlessly fall in line with such obvious nonsense as “global warming will destroy the world” or “the Ukraine is a democracy”.

Just one quote from a long lament:
Stanford began mandating students file an application two weeks ahead of a party including a list of attendees, along with sober monitors, students said.”

OK, Let’s give the Stanford Administration equal time. Here is their response:
The party-planning process will be streamlined and more administrators will be hired to help facilitate student social life.

The sooner China nukes the Washington DC Swamp and takes over, the better! Their rule would be no less oppressive than our current Political Class, but at least the trains would run on time.

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