Wretched Excess—Qatar Airways Business Class


O God! We’ve traveled for…40 years, economy, really only this year ever in business class. The first time was an accidental upgrade, but….you’ll NEVER go back! It’s another world.


I haven’t had the fortune to fly Qatar Air, but I have seen many of the crews in the Amsterdam airport. The crews are very diverse with crew members from around the world. They have absolutely zero diversity in the beauty category. The crew members are all equally gorgeous. My time in the “cattle car” part of Delta’s flights could have been much better if only Delta would follow the same diversity in hiring.

Why is it that US corporations copy every bad idea, but never the good ones?

Correction: After reading Gavin’s comment, I realized I made an error. I mixed up Qatar with Emirates. Emirates has the gorgeous crew members. I am unsure about Qatar.


Agreed! One time, Emirates felt sorry for me and upgraded me to First Class on an overnight flight. After the excellent dinner, the steward came by and asked if I would like to take a shower before sleeping (!). By that point I was tired and well boozed up – just wanted to stretch out and sleep, so I politely declined. Looking back, I have always regretted that decision. It would have been an experience to have had a shower at 35,000 feet.